Mangroves to Mountains

Friends were instrumental in the creation of the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens and continue to be active in their ongoing development. Since the first Community Planting Day on National Tree Day, July 2003, the Friends have continued to plant and care for the Mangroves to Mountains Walk. Friends efforts have resulted in a 2km walk through major plant communities of the Gold Coast, where our regional flora is showcased in a garden like setting. The Mangroves to Mountains represents a huge section of the Living Collection of the Gardens

The Herbarium

Friends established and continue to manage the Herbarium for the Gardens. This entails the collection and preservation of plant specimens of both the Gardens and SE Queensland. This Reference Collection is invaluable for research and education for the Gold Coast community. A public reference collection is available at the Friends Centre.

Education and Interpretation

Friends have developed ongoing education activities and interpretation to assist visitors with horticultural and botanical information.

Botanica Quest “Dare to Discover” is a school holiday activity program for children 4 -12 years old.

Arbor Day is celebrated each year in October with Gold Coast schools planting trees at the Gardens

Friends create interactive displays, Fact Sheets and an extensive reference library to assist interested gardeners and students.

Visitor Services

Friends provide information about the Gardens including flora and fauna. Friends take guided tours on request. Self-guided walks are also available. These services are available at the Friends Centre from 10:00am till 2:00pm daily.


Friends have established a nursery for the propagation and growing on of plants for future planting at the Gardens and for fund raising at Friends events.


Friends assist with the monitoring of Myrtle Rust infection within the Gardens and their findings are reported to Bio security Queensland as ongoing research into the fungal disease. Friends assist with the trials of newly released plants and plant health products.

We invite you to share the rewarding experience of being a Friend.